Why work with Amy?

Amy possesses ample insight into the technical aspects of stained glass installation and building processes, such that she acts as a consultant when discussing the development of a piece. She knows what works and what doesn’t, and happily collaborates with her clients to achieve their vision within the parameters of technical limitations or conditions. Amy is committed to continuing growing her skills in her craft and keeping abreast of the most contemporary techniques and developments. As a result, she is proud to have many happy clients who often return to work with her on additional projects.

A brief description of Amy’s main services:

Amy consults, designs and builds stained glass art for architectural installations. These include:

  • Entryways and Doors
  • Glass Cabinets
  • Room Dividers
  • Windows
  • Lighting
  • Fine Art Installations

Additionally, Amy provides:

  • Etching Services
  • Repair
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