Introducing… The Gem Line

I was inspired to craft this limited edition stained glass collection by my desire to showcase and elevate the finest glass I’ve worked with. I wanted to blend unusual, precious mediums with the rich color and texture that are emblematic of my most artistic work—to create something that is at once elegant, sensational and unique.

Vibrant mouth blown glass. The perfect gem. Rare, rich metal.


Each seven- by nine-inch piece features a carefully selected one-carat precious gem: A genuine Montana blue sapphire, a genuine magical Padparadscha sapphire or the gem of your choice if you choose a custom creation. With the gem perfectly set, the piece is joined and framed in lead, which is then plated with the precious metal, rhodium.

I want you to have, or be able to give, something that reflects a brilliant, enduring element of your life.

Three designs are available at this time, limited to only five numbered renderings of each: The Fish and Blossom; The Rainbow Trout; and The Blue Heron. Each piece may be displayed in its custom-made metal stand or may be hung without its stand.

I am available to collaborate with you in the creation of a new, custom Gem Line design, which would be exclusive to the owner.

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