About Amy Boughton

Amy Boughton’s goal is to lift one’s spirit through her art and to create with colors and design a piece of art that remains deep and unchanging throughout the years.

Amy’s creation of unique and personal stained glass art is not limited to her use of the finest glass in the world, or her ability to combine color, light, line and shape. With each undertaking, she strives to call forth the heightened sense one feels when the purest, most resonant note is sung by human or bird, or the light of a fading day reveals a view never seen before.

In the process, Amy crafts custom art, with unrivaled visual quality and structural integrity.

What you might want to know, even if she doesn’t tell you: Amy . . .

  • Has crafted original stained glass art since 1997.
  • Studied her medium in Europe, Asia and the Far East. The great cathedrals made a strong 
impression, but she prefers a reflection of the individual’s contemporary mind.
  • Enjoys spending time in the woods with her husband, father, friends and Australian Shepherds, Rocky and Tilly.
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